Human rights “refers to the entitled rights, freedoms, privileges, and protections of all individuals or groups, by their membership in humanity; or by virtuous character, and are seen as fundamentally essential basic human needs ” (Quist-Adade, SOCI 2235: Social Theory and Social Justice, 2013, p. 7). Human rights are designed to protect the dignity of all humans, by enforcing regulations upon society that help guide the social interactions of all humans. Human rights are similar to Social Justice in that they both aim to protect individual rights and freedoms, and support moral dignity of all humans. They both aim to promote fairness among social interactions and govern the behaviours within society, except human rights dictates the grounds in which promotes that fairness; whereas social justice aims to seek the balance and defines the methods of doing so.


Quist-Adade, C. (2013). SOCI 2235: Social Theory and Social Justice. Surrey, BC, Canada: Kwantlen Polytechnic University: Faculty of Arts.


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