Introductory Presentation

Introductory Presentation

My name is Teresa Van Betuw; the last name being my married name, which is much more complicated to pronounce than my previous last name. For years I have dreamt of one day working in the Human Resources (HR) Field, where I would hopefully have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the people I encounter and their working lives.

Why HR?

During all my past employment, I had always enjoyed jobs that involved interactions with people, and I thrive in environments with challenges and freedom. I often find that I play the role of a councillor in my personal and career life, so I came to realize that I wanted a career where I can continue to help people grow. HR allows me to do all these things, and I believe that it will be a very rewarding career; with many challenges and complexities – which is exactly what I am looking for.

Currently I am in my fourth year Human Resources Management degree, and I decided to enroll in my second Sociology course because it focuses on the behaviours of humans, and tries to find rationalisations for certain behaviours; to create a better understand of social constructs. I feel would be an asset to HR, as it helps create a broader view or perspective of employee behaviour, and forces me to consider and evaluate all possibilities when individualizing specific employee behaviour. At the moment I have only had the pleasure of taking Introduction to Sociology, but I really enjoyed the exploration of human behaviour, as it has always been an interest of mine. Although this course is only an elective course for me, I do feel that I can gain a much broader understanding and perspective of human behaviour with this course; which I hope will help me in becoming an efficient HR manager in the future.

My previous background is in Hospitality, where in 2001 I obtained my Diploma in Tourism Hospitality Management. I then proceeded to work in the Hotel industry for several years, where I fairly quickly worked my way into Front Office Management; before deciding to take up a simple office job and start a family, because hotel work schedules are not very supportive of family life. After this I decided I need more of a challenge than a simple office job, and decided to explore my career options; where I came to the conclusion that HR is for me.

My position on media is that I feel it often poses a one-sided theory of citations and views, and often does not allow for a full spectrum or perspective on any other possible standpoint. I feel this may be due to the fact that many news broadcasting firms are run and controlled by people of power and authority; often dictating what can and cannot be shared with the general public. I believe that this power has helped blossom the profound use of social media, to allow others of lessor position the opportunity to share their opposing views, and what they have learned; but that too can be one sided, so there is strong concern that one must continually try to seek the truth with evidence.


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